Monday, March 28, 2011


Policeman denies assault charge.

An Auckland policeman charged with bashing five prisoners, has denied several charges of assault, including one where he allegedly kneed one man, leading to him losing a testicle.

West Auckland police sergeant Martin James Folan pleaded not guilty to six charges of assault and one of injuring with intent to injure in the Auckland District Court yesterday, the New Zealand Herald reported .

Crown prosecutor Mark Zarifeh told the jury Folan was charged with injuring with intent to injure and an alternative charge of assaulting with intent to injure Joseph McGee, who lost a testicle after the January 8 2010 incident.

Mr McGee was drinking at a west Auckland bar when a fight began and the police and an ambulance were called.

Police restrained Mr McGee while ambulance staff checked him for injuries. He was arrested for disorderly behaviour and taken to the Henderson police station.

While Mr McGee was being processed Folan kneed him "with a good deal of force", Mr Zafirah told the court.

Mr McGee spent the night in a police cell, where he was seen holding his groin in pain. When he got home next morning, he took painkillers, but put off seeing a doctor for three days. His left testicle was later removed in hospital.

Police were allowed to use reasonable force but Folan's use of force was "gratuitous" and he had lost his temper.

There was an issue of credibility as none of the complaints was made at the time of the alleged assaults, defence counsel Richard Earwaker told the court.

Folan is also alleged to have beaten four other prisoners, including Samuel Verdonk who was arrested for disorderly behaviour in November, 2009,

Constable Scott Shearer saw Folan kick Verdonk in the groin, Mr Zarifeh told the court.

Folan was also seen to smash another prisoner's head on the concrete floor and push another prisoner against the wall with both hands around his neck, the court was told.

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Only God knows

Good thing the majority of these people are religious otherwise their ignorance would be inexcusable.
Found on a Damn good blog,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

One colour can, black roller and an aura or two.

No cut-backs except funding.

Sanskrit and Model Ships

Spent an hour or so learning about the construction of Sanskrit lettering and each letter's associated sounds from Sue Andreasson, Sue studies at the School of Ficino, a philosophy school in Mt Eden.

While I was there, her husband Nils, showed me through his model ship building studio.
This ship here is the culmination of two years of craftsmanship. Not only is it completely to scale but each section of the rigging actual hangs correctly to show the placement of weight crated by the sails.

His next project.

Waitakere Ranges

Secret train tunnels, used to move construction materials through the hills during the construction of the dams. They once linked up with the now defunct Whatipu and Huia Ports.

All blue things are good for you.
View of North Piha.

New Woks

Never Old Woks.

Chinese Biblical lettering.

The outline for Yang Zi was created to emulate the original strokes of the brush, when filled entirely black, the tattoo is intended appear as if brushed into the skin.

Street Art

Where's the Sky Tower Casino?

Studio visit to Erin Forsyth

Barber Dan's poster.
Illsutration based around the legend of Hatupatu and the Bird Woman.

Owl beard, bed of nails.
Erin makes exceptionally detailed and well composed illustration works as well numerous other projects, including running an artists space, Method and Manners at 6 Upper Queens St.

We both agree on the following quote passed on to me by my Figurative drawing and Anatomy Studies lecturer, Anton Chapman. " You have no right to abstract reality until you can reproduce it faithfully ".

Email her at for enquiries.

Skull and a Rose

Shading to be completed.


Calf piece

Line work finished on a calf piece for Nishay. Will eventually build into whole leg piece at some point.

Five foot, NE.

View from the soon to be removed Kopu Bridge.
View across the Hauraki Plains

The hills and valleys leaving Pauanui.

Karangahape road festival

It's 3D!