Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I spent three weeks in Indonesia, ranging from the jumgle in Java to the semi-country town of Uluwatu.
I surfed life changing waves, made new friends and consolidated old friendships.

I got drunk, crashed a motorbike, surfed more, learnt about the darker side of Indonesia and saw Lizards that were six feet long.
Ulus crew.

Need I say anything?
Ciggy G?
Eight foot Yangyangs.
Arak Attack
Lopo. Life guard at Padangpadang beach, at work.
His daughter Nika.

Saw this, got excited, it's in the middle of a Muslim island, wasn't who I thought it was. Should have claimed it cuz.
Bender due to Scuba.

Failed schemes.
No waves on the Gillis. Fuck Scuba.

My view to the left and right during breakfast in Uluwatu.

Ferry from Grajagan. Java to Bali.

Transport through the jungle to camp, the roads broken.

View from Raymond's Tower.

Reef tickle, wait for the Lime rubbing.

Healed Samurai Calf piece.

Healed shots of the entire piece shaded to come.

Thanks Nischay.

Zach's sleeve

This was my first time tattooing very fair and sensitive skin, it was an excellent learning curve.
Colour to come.

Thank you Zach.

Alan's back.

Another sitting for Alan, healed claw on lower back/stomach.
Please excuse the scabs floating around due to the partially healed sections.
Thanks for the Slayer Banner too brother.