Saturday, February 26, 2011

Various sources of Happiness


Seven metre, three ton double hulled boat. Neither one of us knew how to drive it. Don't matter, Ham's the skip. OutDoors with Don
We left the Harbour, picked up a Waka Ama team (we were a support boat for an international race), dropped and picked up team members into and from the water. Saw this side of Rangitoto.
Then went round Rakino and over to the other side of Rangitoto. Open ocean capsizes and a vessel that was unable to make it up on the plane due to excessive weight displacement in the form of wives and other associated members.

Dawnies and Beers

Amy Troubles daughter, Riley.
This wont last much longer
Up early

Hamilton Tattoo Convention


Fragments of the Two Hands Tattoo shop team: Capilli
Fragments of the Two Hands Tattoo shop team: Solomon
Two Hands Tattoo Shop booth (note bias photo selection)
Amy Trouble live painting a group
Amy Trouble Artwork (again somewhat bias)

Summer Solstice at the Legal Wall Scene

You're really lagging on the Legal Wall Scene mate.

Detol G

Start of half leg piece.

Summers ending

R.I.P Raph One
Self applied, age twelve.

In celebration of Cracking it

Benny from the Bronx
Bad News



Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011


Wicked video.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


New commission

The following is a project in which I was commissioned to paint the uniform of the Rifles, it is part of a collection painted by Greg Whitecliffe in 1987. This collection chronicles every uniform worn by law enforcement officers in Aotearoa New Zealand. I was commissioned to paint this specific uniform after the original was lost. It is a huge honour as I attended Whitecliffe Art-school which was started and ran by Greg Whitecliffe until his death, I was two years old when this collection was painted.
My addition to the collection is the first painting, my intention was to create an artwork that referenced Greg Whitecliffe's style (in this collection) but did not compromise my own portraiture style.