Saturday, March 6, 2010

Made For The Grave Investment Group is also for the Children (Teenagers)

This from a project I am working on with a group of young artists, we communicate via a blog, The intention of the project is to facilitate an environment where the participants create artwork as a group working to a theme that changes every fortnight. They post their thoughts, sketches and providing feedback for their peers and then create a finished product on the wall of the Eden Quarter complex (on Ewington Ave). The project has been funded by the Creative Communities Fund. As they build the blog, they are also learning how to research and reference other artists, they are also learning how to justify their artwork and to treat it and their practice as valid. The artists involved do not get to paint in the mural section unless they post sketches of their ideas, research and articulate their concepts.
The end product will be a completed and documented mural project and an online portfolio for the artists to continue to add to after this project has ended.
The artists welcome feedback so please visit the blog and view their work, they will also be working on their second mural project this coming weekend if anybody is interested in taking a look. We will be there from 10:30am on the Sunday (weather dependent).

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