Sunday, May 30, 2010

Opinions of others that I tend to agree with.

I stole this from the Graff London blogspot, the following text is written by one of their contributers. Excellent stuff, refreshing.

Looks like he's been doing a few things in NY anyway, which I've not seen anywhere else. Dunno if you remember us saying about a Banksy interview a couple of years ago? After he agreed to it he had a slight change of mind when we brought our deep and difficult questions to the table. A thought from chunga:

Chunga,May 23 2008
02:57 AM
My beef with Banksy isn't due to him selling his art. It's pretty damn funny that he makes a living conning a-listers and other such celebrity amoebas into buying 'art' which took him 5 minutes to knock up in a studio. If I had the option of major notoriety and wads of cash in return for such little effort I'd take it, I'm sure anyone would. Remember, it's a lot easier to criticise people for betraying their beliefs when it's not you reaping the cash in question.

My objection to the cunt stems from the excessively gay pseudo-revolutionary message he attempts to purvey, and subsequently consistently betrays. He's an anti-capitalist, but an anti-capitalist who sets out his personal manifesto in an expensive coffee table book. He rails against the evils of advertising, then designs the cover of a Blur album, which inevitably gets reproduced as an advert.

Wall & Piece has bred this massive legion of pretentious, whiny cunts who bop around with Montana golds and a stencil of George Bush, and think they're shaking the state to its foundations. He's legitimised an incredibly shit form of graffiti, in that scrawl that contains a supposed political statement is now permissable as a vital social statement, whereas genuine graff is a pointless eyesore. What a cunt.

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