Thursday, September 2, 2010

Teenagers are cooler than you.

I have been working with a group of young men from Wesley/Mt Roskill area. We spent the better part of last week working towards a photographic exhibition that opened last Tuesday night. The concept was for the young men disposable cameras throughout the week and for them to shoot anything that caught their eye that was in their own neighbourhood. The idea was to capture a raw, unfiltered discourse between the viewer in which they(the viewer) could view the neighbourhood through the eyes of a select group of the inhabitants. Not only did they produce work that rivalled most under-graduate shows I have been to, they thoroughly changed my life in the way that I interact with people who differ from me and how much most parts of society take for granted. The show is on at the Art Station Gallery, number 1 Ponsonby Rd. Please have a look if you about or are interested in the project. Art school kids need to wake the fuck up.

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